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Dr. Lilit Garibyan (left) At Armenian Hospital, Helping To Transfer Dermatology Laser Technology

Dr. Garibyan’s Dermatology Mission in Armenia

Here in the United States we take for granted our access to lasers that can improve disfiguring scars and vascular birthmarks.   In many parts of the world, these technologies are not attainable due to both budgetary constraints and lack of professional expertise.  Dr.  Lilit Garibyan, M.D. Ph.D. who will be joining our team of physicians at Massachusetts Dermatology Associates this month has traveled to Armenia to promote access to these lasers for patients in need.   Together with her colleagues she has spearheaded laser donations to Armenia valued at hundreds of thousands of dollars and has personally treated many patients in need.  Of course these donations are only as useful as the competency of local doctors to operate the technology.   Her most recent trip focused on training local specialists in Yerevan to properly use the equipment so that patients can continue to benefit from this technology when she is in the United States.  This humanitarian program is designed to support Armenian plastic surgeons and dermatologists at the Yerevan medical center who will treat patients severely disfigured by burns, traumatic scars, and congenital vascular lesions.   These advances would not have been possible without Dr. Garibyan’s generous donation of time and her expertise.

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