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Cosmetic Dermatology

At Massachusetts Dermatology Associates, our providers offer a wide array of cosmetic dermatology services to patients on the North Shore, MA.   We utilize the most advanced methods and technologies for our cosmetic dermatology patients.  Your aesthetic treatment will be performed or supervised by an MD on site. We take patient safety for the cosmetic dermatology patient just as seriously as for any other patient in our practice.    We strive not only to make your stay pleasurable, but place special emphasis on safety and maximizing results so that you look and feel better.

For facial wrinkles that appear when the muscles of your face are in motion, Botox® is an excellent choice. This agent is injected into the muscles that promote wrinkles and relaxes them. This muscle relaxation results in significant wrinkle reduction that lasts several months. Read More

For furrows on the lower half of your face and loss of volume in the mid face, Juvederm® and Juvederm Voluma® offer restoration of your younger facial contour. Read More

Utilizing a fractional, non-ablative laser (Palomar Lux 1540), we can create thousands of microcolumns of targeted tissue damage that result in remodeling of collagen and correction of fine lines and scars. Unlike ablative laser that entail significant patient downtime, this laser does not compromise the outer layer of your skin and most patients can return comfortably to work in 2-4 days. Read More

For patients desiring a very effective way to treat brown or red discoloration and/or correct photodamage, our Palomar ICON with MaxG IPL is extremely popular. Read More

For patients who want to improve certain types of facial discoloration and improve facial texture, chemical peels offer an additional option.  They are especially useful in treating acne patients. Read More

If you have a nevus, angioma, or other benign lesion that you would like removed for cosmetic reasons, we offer surgical excisions, shave removals, and punch removals. These services are not covered by medical insurance unless they are medically necessary.

We offer a wide array of skin care products for sale at our office from the SkinCeuticals and EltaMD lines.

Do you have a question for one of our board-certified physicians at Massachusetts Dermatology Associates?   Why travel into Boston, when you can have Boston’s best in Beverly MA?    Call (978) 225-3376 to schedule an appointment.

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