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Teledermatology / Telemedicine

Our MassTeleDerm service combines our world-class dermatologists at Massachusetts Dermatology Associates with the latest in virtual care technology. You can now receive dermatology care from the comfort of your own home! Our e-visits are HIPAA-compliant two-way video conferences between you and your MassTeleDerm physician. Signing up for this telemedicine service is easy. If you click the Teledermatology Virtual Visit Registration button below, you will be directed to an interface where you will have the opportunity to provide us with all of the information that we need in order to schedule you with one of our dermatologists.

There are a variety of skin conditions that can often be evaluated and managed with teledermatology:

Frequently Asked Questions About Telemedicine at Massachusetts Dermatology Associates:

I am not good with technology. Will I be able to do telemedicine with MassTeleDerm?

Rest-assured, all you need is basic comfort with a smart phone or tablet (e.g. iPhone, Android phone or iPad) in order to do a virtual visit. If you prefer to use a computer that has a camera and microphone, that’s fine too. At Massachusetts Dermatology Associates, we use a telemedicine platform that does not require you download any apps or reconfigure your computer. At the time of your scheduled appointment, you will simply click on a link that we email you in order to connect to the service.

I am excited about MassDerm’s teledermatology service. How do I sign up?

We are excited to welcome you to the service! If you click on the Teledermatology Virtual Visit Registration button above it will take you to our registration interface. The interface is necessary, as it allows us to 1) provide necessary information to you based on your particular concern and 2) to acquire necessary information from you to ensure that you have a productive visit with your provider. Your answers to the questions will serve as the framework to the e-visit. Additionally, the photographs that you may upload to the interface (most easily with your smart phone) can add critical information to the visit.

Does my insurance cover telemedicine?

Many insurances do cover telemedicine services. We recommend that you inquire with your medical insurance whether your particular plan allows you to receive telemedicine services from Massachusetts Dermatology Associates as a covered benefit.

Why is there an $80 deposit necessary for telederm visits?

Although we expect most virtual visits to be covered by insurance, given the uncertainty of coverage, we require the deposit from patients who are not participating in Medicare Part B in order to cover the visit cost in the event that your insurance denies payment. It will be refunded via credit card (minus any copays, deductibles, or co-insurance) after your claim is processed by insurance.

If my insurance does not cover telemedicine, can I still take advantage of this service?

Yes! If you determine that your insurance does not participate with Massachusetts Dermatology Associates, you can pay a flat up-front fee of $80 per virtual visit for this service.

What if I believe my insurance will cover the visit, but they end up denying the service? Will I be responsible for the charges?

At Massachusetts Dermatology Associates, we take an $80 deposit at the time of visit scheduling in order to manage the uncertainty of insurance reimbursement. If you are informed by your insurer that you are covered and later they fail on their promise to pay for your visit, Massachusetts Dermatology Associates will simply keep your $80 deposit, and you will have no further obligation (no balance or surprise billing).

Do I have the option of paying a reduced cost deposit?

Any medical entity that bills Medicare Part B for a service cannot legally offer that service to non-Medicare patients for LESS than the amount charged to Medicare. Given the current Medicare fee schedule, we need to charge a minimum of $80 for each visit in order to stay compliant with this rule. We expect the insurance to cover most or all of this fee.

Will this visit count towards my deductible?

Most likely, however specifics of your particular insurance plan may vary.

Do I need to pay a copay or co-insurance?

You will likely be assessed a copay or co-insurance (depending on your insurance plan), but we will take care of this on the back-end by applying your $80 deposit. No need to worry about figuring out your copay or co-insurance before the visit! After we receive payment from your insurance, we will refund the deposit minus the amount owed for your copay or co-insurance.

Can I do a full “head to toe” skin exam with this program?

No, the technology is not sufficient for facilitating a meaningful full skin examination. We recommend that you do self-checks monthly and let us know if you note any new or changing lesions.

How will I get my prescription?

If your dermatologist prescribes for you at the virtual visit, the prescription will be sent to your pharmacy, as usual. Your pharmacy will be verified by one of our staff when you schedule your appointment.

What if I need a biopsy or other procedure?

We still have dermatologists working in our office! If you and your provider decide you have urgent need for a procedure, we will schedule you for this in the physical office. If you live too far away to travel to our office, we can provide a list of local dermatology offices and can forward your teledermatology visit notes to your chosen office.

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